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About Us

South Side Sales & Service was founded in January 2008.

We service numerous local fleets and owner-operators with efficiency and honesty. We believe that communication with our customers is essential.  We know that every customer we deal with wants to run their business and  operation to its fullest potential.

Extensive planning enables us to provide service for vehicle break downs, service and reliable estimates.

South Side Sales and Service offers competitive rates, as well as providing cost effective services.  Contact us for more information.

South Side Sales and Service is committed to doing a job once and doing it right. Our mechanics are committed to doing a thorough job. When working on a vehicle, our mechanics also check for any issues that could become a problem later.

South Side Sales & Service is committed to safety--not only to our customers, but also to the public.  We look for any issue that may be or could become hazardous.



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